Golf was a game played mostly by men, but in the recent years, women started to enjoy it as well. It’s either a hobby or a career, but ladies developed a passion for this game over time, which is why manufacturers focused on creating golf equipment for them as well. Why do women need their own size? The answer is simple. Women have different measurements than men. It’s no secret that they are smaller, and buying a golf set that is too big for them may be a discouragement. Also, with the wrong set of golf clubs, a woman may not be at her best.

Confidence Golf Lady Power Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag
ideal for beginning golfers
easy-to-hit 24-degree hybrid
regular-flex steel shafts on all clubs
Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag
designed for versatility and forgiveness on shots
lightweight, durable stand bag
Irons/Wedges (7,9,SW)
Wilson Women’s 2015 Ladies Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set
Grip: Standard (Larger grip for Tall set)
Shafts: Graphite except putter
lightweight, ladies flex graphite shafts

The best option for a professional golfer is to find a custom fitter who can make a set of golf clubs that has a particular size, but not everyone has access or can afford to do that. In that case, a lady’s alternative is to find herself the best women’s golf clubs she can put her hands on.

Women’s golf clubs buying guide

Choosing the right equipment may not be as simple as you may think. That is because your purchase should not be random. There are factors you should take into consideration. Otherwise, you may end up with the wrong set. When I say wrong,I m referring to a set that will not fit you. Such a set will not help you with your game, you won’t play at the best of your abilities, and the chances for you to have fun are slim to none. After all, what is a game without the fun in it?

Choose the right size

Not all women are the same. Some of them are very tall, over 6 feet, while some are petite, which means women’s golf clubs come in different measurements. One of the aspects that you need to consider is your height. There is a standard driver for women, which measures 43 inches, but it is meant for a golfer who is 5ʹ9ʺ. However, you can use that to find the adequate length driver for you. You can either add an inch or subtract one for every inch taller or shorter than 5ʹ9ʺ. Simple as that.

Swing speed

Besides the club’s height, another important aspect that you need to consider is the type of the shaft. Your choice depends on the swing speed. If you don’t know the speed of your swing, the best thing you could do is practice as much as possible before purchasing a new set of golf clubs. That way you will be able to determine your speed accurately. Another way to do that is to go to a pro shop and practice your swings in front of a golf pro. It will evaluate your swing and will provide feedback that you can use in order to determine the best equipment for you. A lot of people use that method to assess their abilities. Golf pro may have started as a simple game, but it has other uses as well.

The content of a basic women’s club set

Although a lot of women prefer to customize their sets according to their measurements, style, and ability, there is something called a basic club set, which contains three woods, seven irons, two wedges, and a putter. Also, hybrid clubs represent a fantastic investment.

Wood clubs

If you want to make a long shot, then you need a wood club. It is a lot lighter than an iron club, so your swing speed and power will be improved. Since women are known to be a little weaker and smaller than men, they have a slower speed, which is why a wood club will be the best choice for faster swings and better distances. The purpose is to hit the ball as straight and as long as possible. If your swing speed is 60 miles per hour or less, you should have a number 5, 7, and 9 in your set. The number on the club represents the loft, which is the angle of the club’s face that will dictate how low or how high the ball will fly. For example, a number 9 club will have more loft and a shorter shaft than a number 7. Both clubs are easy to control and have a relatively high loft, and that will throw the ball up in the air. If you are a slow swinger, professionals recommend that you use a wood club with a loft of 13 or 14 degrees. Once you improve your skills, you can opt for a club with a loft of approximately 10 degrees.

Iron clubs

The iron club is used to push the ball towards the hole. The ideal time to use it is when you are about 200 yards from the green. The closer you are to the green, the higher iron you should use. Women who have a slow swing speed should go for irons that are lightweight and easy to control. The recommended number is 6 or 7 if you are a beginner. For more advanced women, the 5-iron should not be difficult to use. Keep in mind that the longer the iron, the more difficult it is to hit.


There are three kinds of wedges. The pitching wedge is useful when you get close to the green. It has about 4 degrees more loft than the 9-iron. The loft is about 45º. It will give the ball some air, but not very much.

The sand wedge is characterized by s small bounce on the sole. That part will be the closest to the ground and will help you get the ball out of the sand. Usually, it has a 56º of loft.

The lob wedge has a 60º of loft and will not provide as much distance as the pitching wedge. The best time to use it is when you are near the green. It will give you a high but soft shot.

Hybrid clubs

The purpose of hybrid clubs is to help a golfer with his or her weaknesses. They can usually replace long irons or some of the wood clubs. They are called hybrids because they give you the advantages of an iron club, but they are lightweight and easy to control like a wood club. For example, a lot of women have issues when it comes to using long irons. That is because they don’t hit the ball properly, or they cannot throw the ball in the air as they should. That is when hybrids intervene. They have a high degree of loft, and they are very easy to swing. They are also shorter than the clubs you want to replace, which means your shots will be accurate. However, the drawback is that you cannot hit the ball very far.

What are the best women’s golf clubs

Looking for the best golf clubs for women is not an easy task. That is because there are so many of them on the market. Getting confused is easy, especially if you are new to the whole thing. Beginners usually get stuck on the simplest things like shaft, loft, and even length. That is why I put together some suggestions which I think you will find most useful.

Confidence Golf Lady Power Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag

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The Confidence club set is ideal for women who have just discovered their passion for golf. That is because the set is hybrid. It will provide everything you need in iron clubs, but it is very easy to control. The clubs are lightweight, you swing speed will be of little matter (for now), and the loft is ideal. This product is also recommended for beginners because it’s not very pricey. Just in case you get bored or find out you don’t like golf as much as you initially thought, there will be little damage. However, that doesn’t mean you will not receive high-quality golf set.

The set contains 10 golf clubs. The driver is made of 460cc titanium, it has a 12º loft, it’s fitted with steel shaft and has a complete headcover. You’ll receive an oversized metal wood and a very easy to hit hybrid with 24º of loft. The hybrid will help you replace the longer irons which are difficult to hit. The 6-, 7-, 8-, and the 9-iron are cavity-backed and have steel shafts. Regular flex steel shafts can be found on all clubs.The set also contains a hybrid semi-mallet putter.

An aspect that women will love is that the set comes in a gorgeous stand bag with all-weather grips and auto-pop legs. There is also plenty of external storage and a rain cover. The set will fit any woman who is around 5ʹ8ʺ tall. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag

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The Callaway set can be found for both right-handed women and left-handed women. It’s one of the things that makes it such a popular product. Not all manufacturers provide that option, which is usually good news for women who are left-handed.

The set contains 11 pieces, 7 clubs, 3 headcovers, and a bag. The driver is a 5W because wood clubs have a forgiving spot and a graphite shaft. That will help you hit the ball as far as you possibly can. The 5H Hybrid was designed to help you with your flaws. It will replace the long iron without issues. The irons and the wedges (7, 9, SW) provide a perimeter weighting. The wedges have a progressive sole width technology that will improve your control. The putter is a mallet in a T style that enhancesyour accuracy.

The stand bag has a beautiful design, it’s lightweight and very sturdy. It has five pockets for extra storage, a cooler pocket, a rain hood, and it can be carried around as a backpack thanks to a strap system. Women as small as 5ʹ1ʺ can easily use this set. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Wilson Women’s 2015 Ladies Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set

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In my opinion, the Wilson set meets all the demands of the female golf player. That is because you can choose a custom fitting that will meet your standards. There are four specification options. The Petite RH (right-handed) set is perfect for women whose height range from 4ʹ11ʺ to 5ʹ3ʺ, the Standard RH set is for women who have a height between 5ʹ3ʺ to 5ʹ9ʺ, the Standard LH (left-handed) for women who are 5ʹ3ʺ to 5ʹ9ʺ, and the Tall RH meant for women from 5ʹ9ʺ to 6ʹ1ʺ.

The grip is standard, but it is larger for the Tall set, and all the shafts are made of graphite (except for the putter). The set contains a Driver, 3 Fairway Woods, a 5-iron, 4 Hybrids, a sand wedge, and a putter. You’ll have everything you need to improve your skills.

You will absolutely love this golf set. The bag is stylish and lightweight, the soft grips will go easy on your hands, and the custom fitting will help you play at the best of your abilities. You no longer have to struggle with a right-handed set if you are left-handed, and you don’t have to deal with those long irons just because you are petite. The Wilson set will take care of every female golfer. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

Given the fact that the Wilson set takes care of every woman, no matter her size, I believe that it is one of the best women’s golf clubs sets. Plenty of women who are petite struggle with golf clubs that are too long and heavy, and finding the right size is not as easy as it should be, which is why Wilson came with a solution.


Golf can be a pleasant sport as long as you have the right equipment. It’s not an easy activity, and it can take you a while to master it. But once you do, you’ll find that it is something you will never fall out of love with. Start with the proper women’s golf clubs, and you’ll see that your skills will improve in no time. Click here to buy on Amazon

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